Your selection of eyewear is an important decision as it encompasses both function and style. Your prescription lenses provide visual information to your brain, through your ability to see clearly and comfortably. Properly chosen prescription lenses also protect the inner systems of your eye from damaging UV radiation. We specialize in the fitting of the most advanced Digital Free-Form lenses in the optical industry.


Seiko Digital Free-Form Lenses

SEIKO Free-Form lenses guarantee the best vision for every patient, every time. They provide advanced optimized performance for all wearers through the remarkably precise customization techniques. The lenses are available in various designs to accommodate even the most difficult prescriptions. The design also processes complex convex curves onto the back surface of the lens, resulting in lenses that are up to 25% flatter in profile. Unlike the conventional, molded lenses, SEIKO’s advanced software provides 6 times the optical resolution. At various distances, they provide visual comfort throughout the entire lens, with expanded peripheral vision, even in high-cylinder or Rx’s with prism.


Shamir Digital Free-Form Lenses

Shamir Free-Form lenses are one of the most desirable for individuals seeking the highest optical clarity in fashion or sport sun wear. The lens is personalized to fit the patient’s needs and the patient’s Rx — the optical design is on the back of the lens which opens up the fields of vision. The Shamir Attitude line incorporates the most advanced technologies, designed specifically for high curvature eyewear, including sunglasses and sport goggles.